500 x KIC SV

Express Soaring 1 Program

Meet the 10 graduating startups of the 500 x KIC SV Express Soaring 1 Program!

AiM Future provides high-quality, silicon-proven A.I. processor IP for consumer electronics and general-purpose solutions.

BitGlim is the Netflix of interior art design. Now anyone with a digital display can decorate their spaces with ever-changing artworks.

BlueVisor Systems makes better hiring possible with HighBuff A.I. interview technology.

Cloudbric is a fully managed, web security-as-a-service including WAF, DDoS, SSL to protect company websites and web application servers from cyber attacks.

CN Solution is developing solutions optimized for business through artificial intelligence technology.

DaL LaLa Network is a fan-centric, data-driven star-building Entertainment platform.

Dtonic specializes in spatio-temporal big data engineering solutions with our cost-efficient and effective processing engine called the Geo-Hiker.

Mirint Co., Ltd. develops smart laser rhinitis treatment devices, launching the first portable smart rhinitis treatment device in the market in 2020.

RADOPOS, Inc. is a patented, 5G mobile technology licensing business in the area of high-accuracy positioning.

Timo is developing an iOS and Android app to help young kids develop time and money-management habits from the start.

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Join the 10 graduating startups of the 500 x KIC SV Express Soaring 1 Showcase as they present virtually on July 1, 2021 at 5:00pm (PT) – July 2, 2021 at 9:00am (KST)!

After 8 weeks of rigorous programming, the early-stage startup founders will present their ideas from a range of industries including Healthcare IoTs, Ed-tech, HR-tech, and AI technology.

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