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Our mission is to uplift people and economies around the world through entrepreneurship. We focus on markets where technology, innovation, and capital can unlock long-term value and drive economic growth. We work closely with key stakeholders and advise governments and corporations on how best to support entrepreneurial ecosystems so startups can thrive. 500 Global has backed over 6,000 founders representing more than 2,500 companies operating in 77 countries. Our portfolio has delivered outsized performance including 33 companies valued at over $1 billion and 120 companies valued at over $100 million.

Ecosystem Building

Talent is everywhere, but opportunity isn’t. We believe in a comprehensive approach to ecosystem building which leverages 500 Global’s global capabilities, expertise, and network to double down on our mission.

Transforming local economies through thriving startup ecosystems

Our Programs
Corporate Innovation

By evaluating more than 10,000 startups a year, we see the emerging trends and help filter the noise for you. Our expertise is knowing what type of companies can scale quickly, obtained by our experience working with more than 5,000 founders in the last decade.

Governments & Non-Profits

We are experts at understanding what makes your region unique and subsequently applying the Silicon Valley high-growth knowledge, mindset, and culture to help develop the right components for you.

VC Unlocked

In our investor education programs, investors learn the 500 playbook, screen startup pitches, debate deals, and negotiate in hands-on workshops with 500 portfolio companies. Our VC training programs emphasize action-based exercises, to help investors fine-tune their investment strategies.

Growth Programs and Accelerators

Over the last decade, we have run 50+ growth and accelerator programs supporting 1,500+ startups in 15+ countries. These are all custom designed to leverage our proprietary content to support the needs of participating startups and the local market context.

Our Team
Christine Tsai
CEO & Founding Partner, 500 Global
Bedy Yang
Managing Partner, 500 Global
Agahuseyn Ahmadov
Program Coordinator, EMEA
Alba Zurriaga Carda
Head of Global Innovation Strategy
Anabella Rojas
Program Manager, Startups
Arianne Dilts
Regional Director, Startup Programs - EMEA
Aproov Sharma
Project Manager, Corporate Growth
Ayumi Ode
Japan Director
Bayan Algamdi
Program Manager, MENA
Brooke Swanson
Outbound Specialist, Global Market Development
Caitlin Glazebrook
Client Partner, Americas
Cecille Almeida
Program Manager, Startups
Chandini Ammineni
Senior Market Strategist
Daifullah Alrajhi
Program Coordinator, MENA
Danielle Patton
Manager, Mentor Operations
Derek Pham
Senior Manager, Education
Ee Ling Lim
Regional Director, APAC
Emily King
Lead, Startup Community
Fadwa Kingsbury
Head of Global Startup Programs
Felicia Phan
Program Manager, Startups
Flavio Dias
Partner, Brazil
Garry Huang
Program Lead, Startup Programs
Helen Park
Program Lead, Startup Programs
Itali Pedroni Collini
Program Lead, Startup Programs
Jae Hee Chang
Program Lead, Startup Programs
Jennifer Lee
Project Director, Corporate Growth
Jitka Markova
Program Manager, Startups
Julia Russo
Program Specialist, Global Market Development
Katrina Vassell
Project Manager, Corporate Growth
Katrin Zlobina
Program Coordinator, Cypress
Keri Chen
Lead, Data Analytics & Forecasting
Kimly Vat
Lead, Startup Community
Mareme Dieng
Lead, Innovation Strategy
Natalia Fedulova
Program Manager, Startups
Nato Chakvetadze
Program Coordinator, Georgia
Nicholas Davison
Director, Southeast Asia
Ommeira Fakhri
Inbound Specialist, Global Market Development
Paola Correa
Client Partner Marketing Lead, Global Market Development
Paulina Szyrmer
Head of Global Education
Pedro Vieira
Director, Operations, Startup Programs - EMEA
Poh Soon Tew
Program Manager, Startups
Robert Neivert
Practice Director - Training & Development
Roland Osborne
Practice Director - POCS/Piolets
Sarah Staatz
Program Manager, Startups
Sida Zheng
Client Partner, China
Vanessa Samaniego
Operations Manager, Education
Vijay Rajendran
Head of Global Corporate Growth
Yoann Burnel
Project Manager, Corporate Growth
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