Accelerate Aichi by 500 Global


Founder FAQs

Q. How many programs will there be in Aichi?

A. There will be a total of 3 programs – a 6-week Growth Program accelerator for local early-stage startups, a 10-week Landing Pad program for international startups, and a 4-day Corporate Innovation Program for corporates in Aichi

Q. Can I apply for more than 1 program?

A. The short answer is no, because all 3 programs are meant for different types of participants. You can find out more about each program using the individual tabs.

Q. Do I have to be in Aichi Prefecture for the programs?

A. Yes we’re looking for international startups who are willing to be present in Aichi Prefecture for the duration of the Landing Pad Program which is 10 weeks. For COVID-19 travel restrictions including visa application, quarantine period etc., please adhere to local regulations. More information can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Q. Are there any fees for participating in this program?

A. No, there are no fees for participating.

Q. What is the language of instruction for the programs?

A. The programs will be conducted in English.

Q. How will the programs take precautions during Covid-19?

A. The health and safety of our participants are of top priority, so we will adhere strictly to the recommended regulations put forth by the Aichi Prefectural Government. If the situation allows us to have physical in-person sessions, we may make appropriate arrangements to do so. Otherwise, the programs might be run virtually.

Q. Who are the mentors?

A. The mentors are drawn from 500 Global’s global team of industry experts and corporate industry leaders.

Q. How long does the Landing Pad Program last?

A. The program will last 10 weeks from 10 January 2022 to 18 March 2022.

Q. When is the application deadline?

A. 22 October 2021 for the Landing Pad Program.

Q. What startups qualify?

A. For the Landing Pad program, we are looking for international startups who are interested in entering the Japanese market, particularly in the manufacturing and automotive industries.

Q. How many team members can join a team?

A. We expect at least one (1) C-suite level team member, ideally, the CEO, who can commit for the duration of the program. In addition to the founders, two additional team members per company will be allowed to participate at any given time.

Q. Who evaluates the teams?

A. Applications will be reviewed by a dedicated team from 500 Global. Unfortunately, we may not be able to provide feedback to every team that applies.

Q. Is this an investment program?

A. No, this is not an investment program.

Q. Am I eligible to re-apply if I have been rejected from a 500 Global program in the past?

A. Yes absolutely! We always recommend founders to apply even if they haven’t been successful in the past.

Q. Where should I contact if I have other questions?

A. Please contact us at if you have any other questions.