Startup generation in Cambodia

Fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs in Cambodia

What is Angkor 500?

Angkor 500 is an initiative designed to foster entrepreneurship in Cambodia through a series of programs. Whether you are a founder or have A Great Idea, this program can help take you to the next level.

Four core programs:

Team Formation programs designed to help future founders network and develop dynamic teams

Business Activation programs to develop and test an initial product and business model

Globalization bootcamps to sharpen founder skills in international growth, capital and investor engagement

International showcases to receive coaching from key industry stakeholders and commercial partners

Why Angkor 500:
Build a startup team
Network with other entrepreneurs to develop a dynamic startup team
Learn from the best
Receive coaching and programming from our world-class mentors
Expand your network
Join our global network of startups, established investors and partners

Program Details

Phase 1: Startup Generation

Up to 50 founders will be selected to participate in team-building initiatives, and demonstrate their progress at a pitch event where teams will present to corporations and key venture capital players

12 selected teams will move on to a bootcamp designed to develop and test an initial product and business model. Founders will build skills in the following areas: customer discovery, product prototyping, and strategy and tactics for getting initial customer traction

Phase 2: Globalization Bootcamps

Up to 25 selected teams will move on to a bootcamp, sharpening skills in: 1. International growth frameworks to broaden customer base, 2. Capital and investor engagement to prepare for engagement with international stakeholders

Phase 3: International Showcase

Startup teams from the Globalization Bootcamp will be brought together to participate in pitching sessions and 1-on-1 meetings with a curated audience of corporations, key industry players and partners from the 500 Startups and Khmer Enterprise network.

We're Looking For:
Future Founders

Entrepreneurial individuals looking to become founders and join a dynamic startup team

Based in Cambodia

Potential founders must be looking to form their companies in Cambodia long term

Technology Solutions

Individuals who seek to provide technology business solutions across different industries and sectors


Applications open on Dec 1, 2020. Applications will close on Dec 31st, 2020. Ensure your application is submitted on time to be considered.


The Angkor 500 team reviews all applications carefully. We will reach out to schedule an interview if there is a potential fit.


We will respond with a decision prior to launching January 4, 2021, and onboard enrolled startups to our community channels.

Receive program updates and stay up-to-date: