Global Launch San Francisco

Bambino automatically delivers high-quality baby clothes to your door every month, saving you time, money, and the planet.

Block Armour provides Zero Trust Cybersecurity for today’s modern digital enterprise.

Circus Social uses AI to convert billions of online conversations into actionable insights for brands, in real time.

Cosmiqo provides analytics and optimization engines enabling increased productivity, orchestration and visibility for human loose-picking and robot warehouse operations.

Eqcentric provides industrial apps an API to connect with facility management systems of their customers, no matter what system it is, so they don’t have to build individual integrations.

Fleetnetics digitizes car garages, rental, leasing, and spare part companies while automating contracts, maintenance, invoices, and inventory.

inPact turns corporate contracts into visual business insights helping management make better decisions.

Merkle Science is building a cryptocurrency platform to enable the crypto industry’s players with their compliance needs.

MoolaFX provides currency exchange services through ATM machines for travelers around the world.

myCashback offers exclusive 1 day cashback to shoppers on millions of products at thousands of merchants worldwide.

Nodis smart glass film instantly switches window color, tint, and infrared heating for comfort and sustainability. This results in 50% less energy usage and CO2, while increasing electric vehicle range.

Ocktolife allows employers to provide a range of holistic health, wellness, and lifestyle products and services.

Safe2Go allows businesses to reopen safely with a tool that allows them to track safety distances in real-time.

Subtra buys, organizes, and optimizes their customer’s SaaS spend, delivering guaranteed savings.

TikaHealth digitizes vaccine records for the convenience of all users in a safe, secured platform.

VERE360 enhances children’s learning by bringing eye-popping virtual reality content to the classroom in an easy and affordable way.

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