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What our partners are saying
Tsunehiko Yanagihara
Executive Vice President, Mitsubishi Corporation
“By working together M-Lab and 500 were able to detect innovation trends and better prepare for future disruption."
Siti Nurul Narizah Mohd Nizar Head of Investment & Ventures, PETRONAS
"As a global company, we were intrigued by the 500's mission statement, diversity, and mindset of the employees and the methodology used in developing entrepreneurs across the globe...We observed a huge leap in the founders' behavior and mindset post the FutureTech 2019 accelerator as well as the Silicon Valley Exchange 2020 program. They are now in a better state of mind in crafting their business strategies. They are immensely inspired by what they had experienced throughout the program, which we believe had somehow spark their inner motivations to push forward harder."
Ruben Salazar
SVP of Products and Innovation LAC, Visa
"A critical aspect of our innovation efforts is to collaborate with the larger payment ecosystem with emerging and established players that are shaping the future of commerce. Getting closer to the startup and fintech community is essential to Visa’s focus on building better than cash solutions, and our work with 500 has helped us accomplish this."
The problem with corporate innovation

81% of corporates say less than 1/4 of their startup engagements resulted in a commercial deal.

And 20% of companies take more than 6 months to do a deal, which is decades in the startup world.


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The Solution: A Global Innovation Platform

Our experience vetting 10,000 startups and 3,000 founders means we’re uniquely positioned to solve this problem for our corporate partners.

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Insight Series
A series of knowledge briefings on the latest insights from the industry, customized just for you and your needs. Sessions are hosted with the help of experts and startups in the space that help contextualize and serve as leading examples.
Startup Sourcing and POC Management
Customized research, analysis, and curation to pinpoint startups in the 500 network that are the best match for the partner and the business challenge at hand, and support POC development.
CVC Services
We help corporates define a strategy and mandate for a corporate venture capital function, recruit the team to run it, and establish basic operations.
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