Selecting Startups online course is now open! Learn how to pick winners in a hands-on investment committee simulation.

New York

500 Startups is bringing VC Unlocked to New York. Together with the Columbia Venture Community, we’ll explore how your organization can work with startups and build world-class corporate innovation programs

What participants of other programs have said
Marième Diop
Investment Manager
Orange Digital Ventures
"VC Unlocked not only provided me with a platform to gain constructive feedback from the brightest early stage VCs but also changed my perspective on the role of big corporations in the startup investment landscape globally"
Kelly An
"[VC Unlocked] changed the way we work with entrepreneurs and fellow investors. Not only did I walk away with practical insights into the venture world, but I was also able to apply that knowledge in real-time on our team's investment thesis"
Alex Haskell
Corporate Counsel
Salesforce Ventures
“[VC Unlocked] brought clarity to how I can most effectively run a Venture Capital firm, more so than any blog, book, mentor, or past experience ever could.”
What to expect
As one of the most active seed-stage VCs, we’ve seen more deals than just about anyone. Our goal is to share that knowledge, empowering the next generation of VCs with the confidence they need to make better investments.
Learn the playbook

Hone your investment strategy, tools and tactics with hard-won insights from the 500 team.

Get better deals

Meet with dozens of startups in 500’s portfolio, hear their pitches, and kick start your deal flow.

Grow your network

Tap into a world-class network of fellow VCs & angel investors with our global community of alumni.

“Founded in 2006, the Columbia Venture Community (CVC) is a private network of more than 5,000 Columbia alumni, students, & employees who are interested in all aspects of entrepreneurship.”