Startup-Corporate Experiments, Finding Success with Proof-of-Concepts
The era of ‘innovation theater’ is over. Today, corporate division leads are facing greater pressure than ever to obtain outcomes from external collaborations. In this report, the Corporate Growth team at Global VC Firm 500 Startups explores best practices for maximizing partnerships with early-stage companies.
Innovation Coffee Break – Carlos Kuchkovsky, BBVA
How exponential technologies and data are redefining society, business, and economics
The Future of Physical Spaces
From where we work, to how we live and play, COVID-19 is changing our relationship with physical spaces. In this report, Global VC Firm 500 Startups explores how stakeholders can capitalize on new opportunities in areas ranging from real estate to retail.
Innovation Coffee Break – Efrat Noy, Pradeep Paniyadi, Cisco Investments
This in-depth discussion reflects Cisco Investments' comprehensive approach to CVC and working and partnering with promising startups.
Innovation Coffee Break: John Zeratsky, co-author of Sprint
The co-author of Sprint and Make Time joins us to talk about designing products in an era of uncertainty
Corporate Innovation Strategy, the Future Consumer, and D&I
Brandon Hoffman & Antonio Key of Samsung Next join us for a wide ranging chat on the world of corporate innovation strategy
Innovation Coffee Break: Jim Adler, Toyota AI Ventures
An "accidental venture capitalist" talks antifragile startups, the wisdom of the spare tire in the supply chain, and much more
Fireside Chat with Mac Conwell, RareBreed VC
Building a personal brand in the venture world
Innovation Coffee Break: Alex Marquez, Experian Ventures
Alex offers some much-needed historical perspective on how CVCs as a whole have responded to previous economic crises
Innovation Coffee Break: Rebecca Woodcock, Yamaha Motor Ventures
Exploring healthcare trends in the era of COVID-19
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