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Alessandro (Ale) Vigilante
VP Corporate Development, Fidelity Investments
Alumni Profile:

Alessandro Vigilante leads the team responsible for originating startups’ partnerships and strategic investments at Fidelity, which involves identifying startups worldwide that best match Fidelity’s strategic growth initiatives.

He holds a Master of Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and an MBA from SDA Bocconi, which included an exchange at London Business School. 

How did VC Unlocked impact your confidence as a VC?

VC Unlocked had a massive impact on starting my career as an early stage investor: I knew nothing about executing early stage deals ahead of the class, and in 4 days I gained the knowledge, and confidence, to be able to understand the mechanics of the entire process. I don’t feel I can lead an investment process yet, but I’ve learnt what questions to ask, and I have a good understanding of the terms of a deal from a legal and a financial point of view.

What was the most important takeaway from the program that you implemented afterwards?

The principles of stage investing (vs investing in the public market) have made a tremendous impact on how I think about the venture asset class.

The collection of possible clauses and options in a term sheet, and their impact on the cap table throughout funding rounds, gave me a mental structure that is of tremendous value from the first deal, and that I think will progressively make decisions more intuitive.

What advice do you have for early stage investors who are considering the program?

Whether you’ve never done early stage investment deals (which is where I was), or you’ve done a few, the mental framework that you’ll get in just 4 days (in particular the connection between deal terms and cap table) will build confidence and automatism that will help you make better and faster deal decisions.

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