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Anjani Vedula
MBA – Berkeley Haas (Formerly at IFC)
Alumni Profile:

Anjani was a member of the IFC’s Venture Capital Group, which invests $100-150M/year in early stage tech-enabled companies and venture capital funds across emerging markets with the mission of promoting economic development. She has worked on transactions in e-commerce, e-logistics, edtech and venture capital funds and conducted global industry mappings on agtech, online furniture retail, property portals, and non-fintech applications of blockchain.

How did VC Unlocked impact your confidence as a VC?

VC Unlocked helped me grow my confidence in evaluating early stage startups because most of my investments at IFC were later stage startups (Series B and beyond). I learned about the importance of investing in teams with relevant “superpowers” and in products with a large addressable market. I also became more confident in my own “superpower” as an investor, and was able to hone my personal Investment thesis. 

What was the most important takeaway from the program that you implemented afterwards?

I loved learning about the decision analysis process to investing in early stage startups that Ulu Ventures presented, because it recognized that venture investing decisions often incorporate cognitive biases and attempted to reduce the impact of those biases. I hope to continue to learn about alternative ways to evaluate early stage deals and incorporate these strategies into my own investment process.

What advice do you have for Corporate VCs who are considering the program?

The content of the program is wonderful, but don’t underestimate the quality of the people you will meet. Try to spend as much time as possible mingling with the others in the program, because this will be a wonderful way to grow your network globally.

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