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Dianna Tremblay
Director of Acceleration, ICA Fund Good Jobs
Alumni Profile:

Dianna Tremblay is the Director of Acceleration for ICA Fund Good Jobs’ business advising program, designed for high-potential good job creating companies looking to scale their operations. Under Dianna’s management, their accelerator companies have raised close to $7M in growth capital, have created and retained over 400 jobs, consistently grown wages year over year, and are run by majority women & people of color management teams. Dianna is based in Oakland, CA.

What's been the biggest challenge you've faced in your work in the accelerator world?

We’ve had two challenges: operationalizing the program and fully articulating our value proposition.

How did BAM impact your confidence as an accelerator manager?
It definitely increased my confidence! I was able to see that we were doing some things right (yay!). But, BAM also helped me to see that  our challenges were absolutely solvable, I just needed time to sit down and work through them using the frameworks and guidance shared by the 500 staff.
What was the most important takeaway from the program that you implemented afterwards?

The most important takeaway was how important a fully articulated value proposition is to your accelerator. We needed to get really clear (and confident) about our accelerator’s super power and how to best articulate it to the companies we wanted to attract to our program.

What advice do you have for other program managers who are considering the program?

Do it, it’s so worth it. The time you get to work on your accelerator program with the 500 staff is invaluable. They and the other BAM participants openly share their methods, tools, and wisdom, so we can all support even more high-potential companies in the small business ecosystem.  It’s really an awesome experience.

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