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Marième Diop
Investment Manager, Orange Digital Ventures
Alumni Profile:

Marieme currently serves as a CVC investor in early stage African start-ups at Orange Digital Ventures Africa – Orange Group’s 50m€ VC fund. Her focus over 7 years has been technology and innovation and she has occupied different roles of responsibility with a team leadership role and an international exposure, solving strategic, operational, and financial issues for a variety of companies.

How did VC Unlocked impact your confidence as a VC?

I already had started my VC career when I was admitted to the VC Unlocked program at Stanford. VC is a solo job, most of the time we learn by ourselves. VC Unlocked provided me with very specific insights and effective tools that are replicable in our ecosystems and which I needed to better do my job. Especially about fund structure and management. Beyond that, the exposure to other investors from different backgrounds and diverse perspectives has broadened my horizons. 2 years after the program, I’m still in touch with a couple of fellows with whom I share deals, and exchange views on the industry with on a regular basis.

What was the most important takeaway from the program that you implemented afterwards?

How (and why) to use (more often) SAFE notes!

What advice do you have for Corporate VCs who are considering the program?

You will take the most out of it if you get rid of all your preconceived ideas about VC before joining the program. Learn with humility, share your own experience with hindsight and build relationships with fellow investors. You won’t regret it!

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