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Ryan is a San Francisco-based Lean Startup coach, consultant, and university lecturer with senior leadership experience in product design, marketing, and UX at technology companies in New York City, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. Prior to founding his product innovation consultancy LeanStudio, he led marketing at several high-growth startups, including Lean Startup Machine and Advisor.

He has been a keynote speaker, moderator, or workshop facilitator at numerous conferences and events, including Lean Startup Week, Lean Startup Circle, the Startup Marketing Conference, San Francisco Corporate Innovation Meetup, and Singularity University. He was the recipient of Xero’s “Marketing Innovation Award” in 2013.

Ryan previously served as West Coast President of CVC (2016-2017) after leading the San Francisco chapter (2013-2015). He is a 2008 graduate of Columbia College, where he served as a Senior Editor for two undergraduate literary magazines: Quarto and The Columbia Review.

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