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Carta’s Tips on Fund Administration
How VCs can approach fund administration, according to cap table management solution provider, Carta.
The Valuation Game
Adam Sterling of UC Berkeley walks through an interactive exercise exploring startup valuations
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500's US Corporate Counsel takes all your questions on early stage venture finance.
Key Findings of our 2019 CVC Report
Get an inside look at our 2019 CVC Report, based on insights from more than 100 unique CVC units worldwide.
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500's Marvin Liao shares his typically frank thoughts on new trends in the VC & accelerator world.
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500 Partner, Sheel Mohnot, covers what's hot and what's not in the FinTech space.
Blockchain Investing 101
500 Partner Edith Yeung covers 13 things investors need to know about investing in blockchain and token projects.
Setting up a New VC Fund
Bedy Yang of 500 Startups and Pocket Sun of SoGal Ventures cover the ins and outs of starting a new VC fund.
Convertible Securities
500 Startups' corporate counsel walks through venture deal basics with a focus on convertible securities.
Liquidation Preferences
Berkeley's Adam Sterling covers cap table exercises to determine the payout order in case of a liquidation event.