Program Instructors
Previous and current instructors from all of our VC Unlocked programs include:
Lynda Kate Smith
Lecturer, Stanford Management Science and Engineering
Robert Neivert
Practice Director - Training & Development
Arianne Dilts
Regional Director, Startup Programs - EMEA
Pedro Santos Vieira
Director, Operations, Startup Programs - EMEA
Kate Seledets
Senior Associate
Ann Miura-Ko
Co-founding Partner, Floodgate Ventures
Katrina Too
Managing Director & B2B Marketing Expert, Open Door Policy
Ruomei Chua
Founder & Startup Pitch Coach
Xingyi Ho
Head of Growth, Canva
Ramesh Gopalkrishna
APAC Leader, Facebook
Dina Chaiffetz
Head of Mobile Product at Handshake
Rodrigo Mahs
Executive Director, Head of Global Innovation
Natalie Riso
Content Marketing at 500 Global
Emily Basileo
Head of Operations at GridCure
Vidit Agrawal
SEA & India Business Development Head, Stripe
Roland Osborne
Practice Director - POCS/Piolets
Richard McDonald Jr.
Sales and Operations Specialist
Kenneth Low
Startup Development Lead
Anabella Rojas
Program Manager, Startups
Mike Joslin
Growth, Investments, and Acquisitions, Marriott International
Morgan Polotan
Principal, Comcast Ventures
Travis Skelly
Senior Vice President, Citi Ventures
Julia Huang
Managing Director, Amex Ventures
Ryan MacCarrigan
Global President, Columbia Venture Community
Jeremy Kagan
Managing Director, Eugene Lang Center for Entrepreneurship, Columbia Business School
Ulili Onovakpuri
Partner, Kapor Capital
Adam Sterling
Executive Director, UC Berkeley Center for Law & Business
Marlon Nichols
Co-founder & Managing Partner, MAC Ventures
Thomas Jeng
Head of Global Business Development
Vikas Aggarwal
Senior Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, INSEAD
Javier Villamizar
Partner, Softbank
Ana Paula González
Head of Managed Funds
Will Poole
Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Capria Ventures
Vishal Harnal
Partner, 500 Startups
Virginia Cha
Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, INSEAD
Tim Draper
Founding Partner, DFJ and Draper Associates
Tanya Soman
Venture Partner, 500 Global
Sheel Mohnot
FinTech Partner, 500 Global
Santiago Zavala
Partner, 500 Global
Santi Subotovsky
General Partner, Emergence Capital
Hilary Kivitz
COO and General Counsel, a16z Crypto
Hasan Haider
MENA Partner, 500 Global
Claudia Zeisberger
Senior Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, INSEAD
Charles Hudson
Managing Partner, Precursor Ventures
Aydin Senkut
Founder and Managing Director, Felicis Ventures
Andy McLoughlin
Partner, Uncork Capital
Allen Taylor
Managing Director, Endeavor Catalyst
Aileen Lee
Founder & Managing Partner, Cowboy Ventures
Mbwanna Alliy
Managing Partner, Savannah Fund
Vijay Rajendran
Head of Global Corporate Growth
Binh Tran
Partner, 500 Global Vietnam
Michael Berolzheimer
Founder & Managing Partner, Bee Partners
Neil Dugal
Senior Corporate Counsel, Flourish
Rob Neivert
Venture Partner
Steven Davidoff Solomon
Faculty Director, Berkeley Center for Law, Business and the Economy
Robert Bartlett
Professor of Law, UC Berkeley
Laura Thompson
Partner, Sapphire Ventures
Ashmeet Sidana
Founder, Chief Engineer and Managing Partner of Engineering Capital
Jason Lemkin
Founder, Saastr
Jeremy Liew
Managing Director, Lightspeed VP
Scott Kupor
Managing Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Jeff Clavier
Founder and Managing Partner, Uncork Capital
Edith Yeung
Partner, Proof of Capital
Brendan Herron
Senior Counsel, M&A and Strategic Transactions for Uber
Cheryl Cheng
Managing Partner, BlueRun Ventures
Bedy Yang
Managing Partner, 500 Global
Courtney Powell
Chief Operating Officer, 500 Global
Paul Yoo
CFO, 500 Global
Annie Woodworth
Associate Counsel
Marvin Liao
Partner, 500 Global
Aaron Blumenthal
Director of Global Portfolio Services, 500 Global
Sharif El-Badawi
Partner, 500 Falcons, MENA
Amit Bhatti
Principal, 500 Global
Pedram Mokrian
Adjunct Professor, Stanford University
Mike Lepech
Associate Professor, Stanford University
Trevor Loy
Lecturer, Stanford University
Christine Tsai
CEO & Founding Partner, 500 Global
Mike Lyons
Adjunct Professor, Stanford University